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Now that everyone is talking about ‘Merlina’, Tim Burton’s series for Netflix, it’s important to make one point clear: Jenna Ortega’s character is actually called Wednesday, so why is she known by another name? Here we tell you.

At this time, Merlina has become the most watched series on Netflix in Mexico, even surpassing titles such as 1899 and The Crown. Tim Burton’s new adaptation has not stopped receiving good comments, especially the work of Jenna Ortega as the creepy protagonist, but Did you know that this character is actually called Wednesday? And not only this, there is also a reason why she is known by various names.

It all starts with the cultural impact of the The Addams Family and how it has remained relevant since its debut in the comic strip of The New York Times in 1938after its creator Charles Addams, offered readers a fun option, but with macabre overtones to the public of those years.

Over time, the story of the characters now reinterpreted by Luis Guzmán, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Isaac Ordonez, began to gain popularity thanks to various television adaptations. This made the Addams family international, therefore, Spanish-speaking countries They had to dub the dialogues in English and since there weren’t as many regulations as today, let’s say that it was worth changing some things, including the names.

That was how the Los locos Addams series arrived in Latin America in the 1960s and the name of Wednesday was optimized from Miércoles (the literal translation) and passed to Merlina as a simple derivative, this as a creative decision of the Latin dubbing teamalmost without permission, but always with the goal of offering a product that people could connect with.


And if you thought that Merlina was the only character with an almost exclusive name for Latin America, you should know that this is not the case, in fact the entire Addams family has other pseudonyms, well Homer is actually Gomez; Uncle Lucas (Fred Armisen) is called Fester; Pericles is Pugsley; while Largo (George Burcea) is actually known as Lurch and Fingers (Victor Dorobantu), well the original is Thing.

Now you know: in the end everything is I tried to adapt and regionalize a story, of course it is something that has stopped happening, the studios are more jealous with the creative identitybut we can still enjoy these exceptions like Merlina, it would be that you can watch on Netflix.

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