Confirmed: the first image of Alina Moine and Tinelli together in public

Confirmed: the first image of Alina Moine and Tinelli together in public
Confirmed: the first image of Alina Moine and Tinelli together in public

Marcelo Tinelli would be living an affair with Alina Moine and they were shown for the first time in public very close together at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where the driver went to see the Argentine National Team with a group of friends. “Alina was not part of this group“Revealed Luli Fernández in an El Trece show program.

Already last August the panelist of show partners I had told that Moine was seen on more than one occasion entering Marcelo Tinelli’s building, despite the fact that rumors linked her to Marcelo Gallardo. But in the last hours they went viral two images with which I would stay confirmed the close relationship that the driver and the journalist have.

Is that Marcelo Tinelli shared an image on his Instagram account with the large group of friends with whom he went to enjoy the World Cup in Qatar 2022, including his son Lolo, Federico Hoppe, Chato Prada and Oscar Ruggeri, among others. And among all these men only one woman appears: Alina Moine.

She reposts a photo that he uploaded to Instagram. She might not, but she does. It is a large group and the links are hidden, but it is the first time they have been shown together“, they pointed out in show partners. But the most surprising image was another in which you can see Alina Moine by the hand of Lolo Tinelli.

He is a boy surrounded by boys who, with the game, I’m not saying they forget the boys, but… It’s a very strong detail“, said Adrián Pallares. For his part, Luli Fernández closed by noting that “Alina was not part of this group” Y never seen her integrated to him, an addition that filled the networks with speculation about the romance that Marcelo Tinelli and Alina Moine would be living.

Chau Tinelli: Adrián Suar prepares a master move to get him out of El Trece

It is a fact that Marcelo Tinelli he leaves The thirteen as driver of sing with me nowa few months after having debuted with this new television format. Faced with this situation, Adrián Suar already has his replacement and he is one of the 100 jurors of the reality show.

As of January 2023, sing with me now It will no longer be headed by Marcelo Tinelli. “El Cabezón” is going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and advanced the recordings so that it culminates under his leadership. The programming management The thirteen Commanded by Adrián Suar, it made the decision not only to change its presenter, but also to modify days and times.

The reality show will be hosted by Manuel Wirzt, the artist who is currently part of the jury. The broadcast will only be on Saturday and Sunday nights, although the exact time was not specified. The information was provided by the entertainment site Rating Lucca in Twitter.

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