Worrying video of Tinelli from Qatar: “We are dying”

Worrying video of Tinelli from Qatar: “We are dying”
Worrying video of Tinelli from Qatar: “We are dying”

Marcelo Tinelli worried everyone from Qatar. the driver of sing with me nowa program that finished recording a few days ago, He uploaded a video to his social networks where he sent a forceful message. “We are dying,” she explained.

After traveling to Qatar to see the Argentine National Team, Marcelo Tinelli headed towards the Lusail stadium with his son Lawrence. The detail was in the driver’s clothing, who He wrapped himself up on the advice of Joaquín “El Pollo” Álvarez. According to his colleague, in the enclosure it would be cold because of the air conditioning.

Justly, Tinelli crossed paths with “Pollo” Álvarez in the stadium rostrum and there he took the opportunity to express his claim. Being hot and being warmer than it should be, Marcelo rose different stories on Instagram, in which he wrote the following: “We all came super warm on the advice of Pollo Álvarez. And the Chicken came in shorts. A hdp hahaha (sic)”.

Marcelo Tinelli, angry with “El Pollo” Álvarez in Qatar

Beyond the written words, Marcelo Tinelli He recorded a video where he could be heard expressing his discomfort for being warm with so much heat. “Listen to me, Chicken, look: I came with a jacket, pants … All in long pants because Chicken said yesterday in a story that he was going to be cold. Boludo we are dying!”, Sentenced the driver. For his part, “El Pollo” Alvarez acknowledged having been wrong even though he did not apply his own advice and it was with shorts.

He secretly went out with Tinelli and told what everyone imagined

Marcelo Tinelli He was once again the protagonist of a news story about his private life. And it came to light thanks to the story of an ex-partner with whom he dated more than 30 years ago. “It didn’t help me at all”sentenced the protagonist.

The one who outlined those words was none other than Marixa Balliwho had a hidden affair with Marcelo Tinelli in the late 1980s. And though he talks about it now with ease, No details of the fleeting story were revealed at the time. that had as protagonists the dancer and the conductor.

“It was fantastic. I adore Marcelo. He is a fantastic person, divine, amazing, protective…jealous. I have good memories, he is an excellent person and I always wish him great success. But the truth is that it didn’t help me at all. I lost more than I won. You don’t have to go out with anyone important, it’s all loss”, assured Marixa Balliin dialogue with Show Partners.

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