The failure of ‘Viola come il mare’ by Can Yaman, according to critics (disgust)

Like crazy we have launched ourselves to look for the critics of the new series by Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi ‘Viola come il mare’ but we have had an unpleasant surprise because we didn’t like it at all. We tell you the reasons.

Last Friday the Italian television channel Canale 5 premiered the new series by Can Yaman (‘Dreamy Bird’) and Francesca Chillemi, ‘Viola come il mare’. It is the first that the Turkish actor shoots completely in Italian and also the first production that he makes outside of his native place. Next to him is Miss Italy Francesca Chillemi but it seems that all this accumulation of circumstances has not been enough for the critics to pass sentence of failure from ‘Viola come il mare’ by Can Yaman.

The failure of the new Can Yaman series

According to the prestigious Italian TvBlog page, ‘Viola come il mare’ does not live up to the expectations generated during the promotion and they even go so far as to state in their headline that “Many colors do not make a rainbow but a doodle”. The first, in the front.

In their review they tell us that the series tends to be pretentiouswhich has everything to succeed due to the beauty of the landscapes and the protagonists, but which It does not finish off an idea that is reminiscent of many previously seen series.

In the blog they continue giving wax to the new Can Yaman series: “Purple like the sea rests on two pillars that, although they are made of granite, are planted in a series of banal and obvious ideas”

TvBlog also attacks the two characters whom he recognizes as sensational beauty but who Far from there, they don’t know how to do anything else and they can’t hook the viewer.

On other pages we have found very similar reviews about the failure of ‘Viola come il mare’. what if the series not quite convincing what if the characters are blueprintsthat the setting is very good, but the plot meh… In short, we are tremendously upset because as staunch fans of Can Yaman, we expected that in this first work outside its borders, it would sweep and settle as Italy’s favorite actor, but it seems that for that, we will have to wait for ‘El Turco’ or ‘Sandokan’. What we have no doubt about is that Can Yaman is tenacious, hard-working and dedicated and for that alone, he already has 50% of the success guaranteed.

What is ‘Viola come il mare’ about?

Inspired by Simona Tanzini’s novel ‘Do you know summer?’ -published by Sellerio- the fiction takes place between Palermo and Naples and has features of a noir novel, although with comic and romantic novel moments between the actors to lighten the atmosphere of the pure police thriller.


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