Hoax makes believe that FIFA is giving away 50 GB of data to watch the World Cup

A hoax is circulating on WhatsApp that tries to make people believe that FIFA is giving away data to people around the world.

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Through our WhatsApp channel we were informed that a message is circulating, which generally comes through a known contact (or an unknown number), that says “Free 50GB data plan for all networks. FIFA is offering people around the world 50GB of free data to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup.” However, it is a fraud.

The goal is to collect people’s phone number and convince them to enable notifications to deliver malvertising on the device. The deception even seeks that the person contact a supposed representative of a telephone company by telephone through an unknown number.

Message that reaches the victims.

The message includes a link that redirects to a disreputable page. If the person clicks on the button that says “click here”, the site will ask the potential victim to enter their phone number. If you enter it, this information will go into the hands of scammers.

Page that opens the link included in the WhatsApp message

The first thing the victim is asked to do is enter their phone number.

Then, and as usually happens in this type of hoax, in order to advance and receive the supposed prize, the campaign establishes a requirement that the message be first shared with 12 contacts or WhatsApp groups. In this way, cybercriminals keep the fraudulent message circulating and it is for this very reason that the message usually comes from a known contact.

Instance in which you request to share the message with your WhatsApp contacts to receive the supposed benefit

When the person thought they were done, the site asks to complete one more step and also promises the possibility of winning additional prizes, such as an iPhone or an iPad. To do this, you must click on one of the verification methods offered.

Instance in which you request to complete one more step to obtain the 50GB and also participate for supposed additional prizes

Regardless of which option is chosen, the scam redirects to a new website that tries to make the person believe that they have been selected to participate in a loyalty program and can therefore participate in a game (roulette) to obtain an iPhone or an IPAD.

Roulette game that promises supposed prizes

Immediately afterwards, and as expected, the deception makes believe that the person won a 256GB iPhone 12 Pro. However, none of this is real.

Supposed prize that the person wins in the game of roulette.

What happens next is interesting, as the person will again be redirected to another page that tells how to claim the prize. This page includes the logo of three mobile phone providers so that the person can choose theirs. If the victim clicks on one of these options, the app will open to make calls with a recorded phone number for the victim to communicate with. If the victim calls, surely a scammer on the other end will pretend to be a representative of the phone company to continue stealing her personal information.

When the person chooses a telephone operator, the phone app automatically opens with a number for the victim to call.


If you received this message, we recommend deleting it. Never open links that come through unexpected or suspicious messages. Much less if they offer gifts or benefits that are too good to be true. If the message reached your phone because it was sent by a known contact, let them know. In this way you will learn to recognize these frauds and you will even be able to alert other of your contacts. Finally, remember never to share personal information on sites that are suspicious or where we come across unexpectedly.

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