From Nvidia confirm Tegra 239 and could be the successor to Switch

A worker of Nvidia has confirmed the SoC chip Tegra239 exists, something that has been rumored since 2021 and that would be in development for the new generation of Switch.

His comment can be seen through, a situation that they collect in detail from Reddit and that goes like this:

Adding support for the Tegra239 SoC which has eight cores in a single cluster. Also, moving num_clusters to soc data to avoid memory over-allocation for four clusters always“.

This incident reignites suspicions and corroborates a notorious Nvidia leaker named

about that he is going to use a modified version of his Orin T234 chip for the new generation of switch.

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The hypothetical and next Nintendo console would have a series of characteristics that would already be clear thanks to the confirmation regarding this leak.

For example, there would be the case of T239 SoC as the heart of the hardware, just as the leak of this Nvidia leaker assured.

An 8 core CPU that would be with a ARM Cortex A78C/A78something that is deduced again by the filtration.

An Ampere-based GPU that could incorporate some Ada Lovelace features, thanks to what we see again for


The 2nd generation of graphics API for Nintendo Switch has references to DLSS 2.2 along with support for Ray Tracing, again


New Nintendo Switch soon?

Nintendo itself confirmed that there will be no Switch Pro or new console in fiscal year 2023, despite rumors to the contrary.

Although by Nintendo’s admission, a switch transition to a new generation it is “a big concern for us”; so at some point we will see what it is.

That yes, we recently said that we will never have Nintendo Switch Pro, something that leaves magnificent news. But how is the company going to handle the change?

It is clear that Switch has been a success for Nintendo with already more than 111 million consoles sold. Although this year has seen a decline of 23%, according to its financial results.

All this while an analyst believes that Nintendo Switch will have a successor in 2024 without Switch Pro, without knowing yet if they will continue with the portable/dock formula that is sweeping the world.

The only things we’ve seen so far have been the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch OLED, but without much in the way of a substantial hardware change.

The only thing clear now is that this Nvidia worker confirming Tegra 239 has given wings to the leaker of the company and it may be that the successor to Nintendo Switch get closer and closer.

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