First words of Dinorah Santana, ex-wife of Dani Alves

Dinorah Santanaex-wife of Daniel Alves and mother of his two teenage children, Daniel and Victoria Alves, has been the last to rule on the arrest and subsequent conditional imprisonment without bail of the international soccer player last Friday, after having testified before the judge who is investigating the complaint of the 23-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the Brazilian in the early morning of December 30 to 31. “It seems like a nightmare to me,” she said. Dinorah and Dani Alves met in 2005 and three years later, in 2008, they met Yes, I want. However, their relationship did not prosper and in 2011 they divorced.

Dana Dinorah, ex-wife of Dani Alves in the program ‘Fiesta’ / Telecinco

It was on the afternoon of this Sunday in the program Party where Dana has intervened and defended the one who was her husband: «Dani would never do something like that. I have known him for 22 years and I was married to him for ten. I have not had access to it. I know he’s sad, but he’s fine and I’ll do whatever it takes to help him. It’s a shock to me and my children, who are teenagers and having a very hard time. His family is overwhelmed because they want to see him and cannot access him. His lawyer tells me that she is working on the case, “he added.

File image of the program 'Fiesta' / Telecinco

File image of the program 'Fiesta' / Telecinco

File image of the program ‘Fiesta’ / Telecinco

Dinora, who is also the total administrator of the footballer’s fortune, has also explained that the player specifically asked to be phoned: «He told his lawyer to call me to solve the most urgent things. The lawyer says she can’t tell anything. She told me that she is working on the case. And that she needs to work to help him, that she can’t be serving everyone. Only she has been able to see it.”

Likewise, and precisely with respect to the athlete’s lawyer, the Telecinco program has also spoken with the brothers of the former FC Barcelona player, who have confirmed that have decided to change their lawyer considering that the current one, Miraida Puente Wislon“He’s not doing it right.”

Dani Alves in a photocall / Gtres

Dani Alves in a photocall / Gtres

Dani Alves in a photocall / Gtres

The testimony of the young woman who denounced Dani Alves

The news about the Alves case have not stopped happening in the last hours. Without going any further, the testimony that victim transferred to the Mossos and later ratified in court. He has been the journalist of The newspaper, Guillem Sanchezwho explained that, according to the young woman, who went with two friends to the Sutton nightclub, where Dani Alves was with a group of friends, “at one point Dani points the young woman to a door, which she does not know where it leads, and invites her in a very insistent way to follow him. When he enters he realizes that he is in a very small bathroom. She wants to go out but the former FC Barcelona soccer player prevents her from doing so », she explains.

“That is where, using violence, always according to the story of this 23-year-old woman, Dani Alves slaps her and then ends up raping her, “adds the journalist. “When she comes out of the bathroom, he comes out first, then she comes out, who immediately bursts into tears and is attended to by the local workers.”

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