Zidane, the great mystery

Zidane, the great mystery
Zidane, the great mystery


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His history in the World Cups shows his two faces: the calm type who tamed the game and the one with the aggressive impulse

The year 1998 was the great winner of the tournament. He scored two goals in the final against a Brazil convulsed by Ronaldo’s health

Who is really Zidane? The cool type who tamed the game or the one with the violent impulse? His history in the World Cups shows the two sides of the myth: the brilliant footballer in the 1998 final against Brazil and the one who expelled himself with a headbutt against Materazzi in 2006. A mystery, as often happens with extraordinary figures.

His great moment came at the age of 26, with the pressure of leading a country that was celebrating the World Cup at home. Zizou was the key factor in the final against Brazil and became a national hero with two goals. “My life changed with that match, although I didn’t know it at the time & rdquor ;, he acknowledged in an interview with ‘L’Equipe’ four years ago. “People changed with me, their looks…I felt it every time I ran into someone. I became a player who changed the history of French football.”

Zidane had not scored in the entire championship and entered the final with a bittersweet taste. With the feeling that he could be more decisive. A talk before the game with Aimé Jacquet, the French coach, reassured the midfielder, who felt the responsibility of a final. In the other locker room, in Brazil, there were moments of great nerves with Ronaldo as the protagonist.

The Brazilian suffered seizures hours before the game and there was even fear for his life. But the medical tests did not clarify what happened: the results did not show any irregularity. The episode changed the mood of the Brazilian team.

There were moments of confusion that carried over into the match: Ronaldo was a substitute in the official line-up for the final and Edmundo came on, but ‘the phenomenon’ ended up starting. The Brazilian players left with fear and France with the determination of the champions. As Ronaldo moved across the field completely numb, Zidane ran over Brazil.

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