Shakira accelerates to publish a new album in 2023

It’s not just a spite song, it can be the springboard on which Shakira will launch her career againwhich seemed to be in decline after several years of little activity.

The international impact of your session with bizarrepublished last Thursday the 12th, has encouraged the Colombian singer to speed up the release of his next album, which is scheduled to be published “sure” during 2023, according to several sources consulted. It would be her first album in six years.

Shakira has been euphoric in recent days due to the instant and international success of her session with Bizarrapthree minutes and 37 seconds that broke the record for views of a song in Spanish on YouTube (63 million in its first 24 hours), the record for listeners on Spotify on its second day (13.6 million: never a song had achieved so much audience the day after its premiere) and that also adds millionaire audiences on Apple Music, TikTok or Instagram.

The experienced artist wants to take advantage of this victory to regain a leadership position in Latin pop, at a time when music sung in Spanish is triumphing worldwide. She has rejected all interview proposals so as not to waste a minute and is working hard in his studio in Barcelona; Furthermore, he plans to travel to Miami, the other city where he works. His objective: to keep the effect of the Bizarrap session cool and to keep the interest of the public alive to turn the album into one of the great musical events of 2023.

The artist herself confessed on Instagram on Saturday that the song was conceived as “a catharsis” and “an outlet” and showed her great surprise for “reaching number one in the world at the age of 45 and in Spanish.”

The session with Bizarrap is loaded with messages from Shakira against her ex-partner, businessman Gerard Piqué, from whom she separated last summer. That “release,” as she defines it, is an anomaly in her 30-plus-year long career, and it is almost certain that it will not be part of his next album, since Bizarrap’s recordings are owned by the Dale Play record company and never appear on the albums of the singers invited by the Argentine producer. However, the song will not be an anecdote, but a hinge to a new scenario in which she now dominates the story and has regained a lot of prestige in a few days.

Bizarrap and Shakira.

Shakira has been working intermittently for several years in her twelfth studio album. But her problems with the Spanish Treasury, first, the pandemic, then, and her divorce, last year, have led to the constant delays of a record that, now, seems close to coming out.

The album will consist of songs of different genres sung in English and Spanish and will have several collaborations, according to what Shakira told elle last september. In that interview he stated that the album is “practically finished”.

In the interview, he also showed the anguish caused by the impact of his divorce on his two children. “I have tried to hide the situation in front of my children. I try to protect them, because that is my priority in life. But then, at school, they hear things from their friends or they come across unpleasant news on the internet, and it just affects them” , said the singer, who now sees her stardom resurface thanks to her explicit song against her ex-husband and his new partner.

fraud accusation

In 2018 he won his third Grammy award and it was the year of his last world toura series of more than 50 concerts for which Live Nation earned more than 70 million dollars.

The tour It was called after the 2017 album, The Golden, whose love lyrics were also inspired by her relationship with Piqué. It was her last great artistic year: in December 2018 it was learned that the Prosecutor’s Office planned to accuse her of a tax fraud of 14.5 million euros for pretending not to reside in Spain and hiding her income, through a corporate network based in paradises prosecutors, between 2012 and 2014.

After her performance at the Super Bowl halftime in February 2020 with Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny and J. Balvin, Shakira spent the first year of the pandemic fallow, with the idea of ​​offering a world tour in 2021. The restrictions to the massive concerts caused the cancellation of the tour. In January of that same year, the artist took advantage of the music rights bubble to cash in: sold his entire catalog145 songs, to the Hipgnosis investment fund.

Shakira has released two songs in 2022, the year of her breakup with Piqué. I congratulate you (together with Rauw Alejandro) and Monotony(along with Ozuna) they are songs that will surely be part of his next album.

In the coming months, the artist plans to move to Miami and has a trial pending for allegedly defrauding the Treasury, but if she is able to finish the album at this time, which does not yet have a release date, a reasonable scenario is that it will be published in the summer or fall. In that way, the world Tour It could be held in 2024, something that for this year is already very unlikely, according to the sources consulted, who also do not believe it likely that it could be the headliner of any festival in Spain this summer.

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