This is how Babo reacted to the leak of his explicit OnlyFans video


babo, vocalist of Cartel de Santa, became a trend in the last hours after it was leaked a video of his OnlyFans account with intimate content. Due to this situation, the memes about the interpreter they did not wait and, during the morning of this January 17, the rapper reacted to it.

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It all started when the music video of the explicit version of the single began to circulate on social networks Think of me from the singer.

In previous days, Babo had already announced that his song would be presented in two options, one for Youtube and another for the onlyfans platform.

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Therefore, after the premiere and the leak, quickly in Twitter netizens started making jokes about it: “After watching Babo’s video, Oh half a meter!”. “How do I unsee Babo’s shame?” “Don’t stain, I’m going in and I see that @babo has something stuck in his throat, help!”

The rapper did not remain silent and from his account instagram He reacted to some of the memes that were made about it.

(Instagram Capture: @paolarojas)

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In the first of his insta stories You can see a scene from SpongeBob where a pickle with some bumps appears. Given this, Babo made some laughing faces.

In the same way, he uploaded other memes that made reference to the size of his genitals and he took the situation with grace.

In addition, he took an old image from his account instagram what did he say: “From this flight, bitch*”, with which he implied that he is proud of his physique.

Babo reported in 2021 that a body modification had been performed on the genitals called pearling, which consists of making small incisions on the surface of the shaft of the penis, where small beads are insertedalso called pearlsunder the skin.

“This chatter is called Pearling, it is about lifting the skin of the penis, you cross it and insert a marble, pearl, Teflon. At the time that mother gets erect, well, they look at the marbles all the time”, was what the founder of Cartel de Santa explained in the heat of the interview with the influencers Luisito Comunica and Juan Bertheau.


This technique is aimed at increased sexual pleasure in men’s partners during penetrationas these pearls can mainly stimulate the clitoris.

For Babo’s case, he revealed, he made his own design before venturing into the Pearling experience. According to his testimony, has six marbles, as well as a pair of “ribs” or ribswhich would work as follows:


“The marbles above are when they are in frontal positions with the morra, they stimulate the g-spot. When you are in positions where the girl is facing away from you, the bottom three also hit the g-spot. The “ribs”, or ribs, are on the edges of the penis, to stimulate the woman’s inner lips,” said the singer-songwriter.

This kind of technique is not easy to practice and, in addition, pcan have various complications if it does not heal well, including rejection of the pearls.

In addition, the healing process could also present infections, bleeding, as well as the movement or migration of the pearls, or, the appearance of diseases or erectile dysfunctionaccording to health experts.


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