365 more days: Actors of the Netflix movie gay kiss

On August 19, 2022 it arrived on Netflix 365 more days (Kolejne 365 Dni, Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes), the last part of Blanka Lipińska’s literary trilogy that was highlighted by a gay kiss between the actors Michele Morrone and Simone Susinna.

Love triangles and a passionate gay kiss between the actors Michele Morrone (Don Massimo Torricelli) Y Simone Susinna (Nacho) were the welcome that the platform gave to 365 more days (The Next 365 Days), a film that has given much to talk about. It was one of the most anticipated premieres, since in 2020 the first 2 parts were positioned among the most popular contents.

The story —aimed at an adult audience— has as its protagonist Anna-Maria Sieklucka In the role of Laura Biel. After his success in Netflix, it became known that the closing of the trilogy would be filmed in Italy and Poland. The recordings of the second and third part took place almost simultaneously.

Although the productions do not exactly have the best evaluations, they are outlined among the titles with which the service gained new subscriptions in European countries.

What is this movie?

without doing spoilerswe limit ourselves to saying that the adaptation of the 3 volumes of Blanka Lipinska it is somewhat predictable. But if yours are the stories that exceed the drama and the plot twistsit will probably catch you.

In the first 2 deliveries we found out that Laura is involved in a relationship ride or die. Her bond with Massimo puts her in a more than dangerous situation and, being pregnant, at the end of the second film she faces death.

In the midst of this situation, she returns with her husband and has a couple of encounters with Nacho. In 356 days later Laura’s trip to Portugal is shown, where the gay kiss between Massimo and Nachowho for obvious reasons are rivals. CHECK OTHER MOVIES WITH GAY CHARACTERS YOU CAN SEE ON NETFLIX.

This is the scene everyone is talking about. / Photo: Netflix

Then there are some cameos of Laura in Sicily. Since it is not clear if she and Massimo stay together the possibility of a fourth film being raised.

Who are the actors who made the movie theater scream with a gay kiss during the screening of 365 more days?

Netflix has been the main distribution channel for 3 adaptations of the work of Blanka Lipińska. However, it has also reached some movie performances (especially in Poland and the United States).

The kiss between Laura’s 2 love interests also caused certain reactions on social networks. Some were simple surprise and others had a most critical reading. Among the comments it was read discomfort with the portrayal of abusive relationships.

The actors involved in gay kiss of 365 more days are Michele Morrone Y Simone Sussina. The actor who gives life to Massimo has been in different Italian and Polish productions. Off the big screen, he is remembered for his cameo appearance on dancing with the stars.

He is also dedicated to music. In 2020 she released her album dark room and in 2022 he expanded his library with the singles “Angels”, “Player”, “Another Day” Y “beautiful”.

michele morrone

Michele Morrone enjoying the summer / Photo: Instagram (@iammichellemorroneofficial)


Between 2014 and 2018 Michele Morrone was married to Rouba Saadeh. Their separation unleashed many notes in which it was ensured that the actor was gay. The rumors circulated to a greater extent when in June 2021 he published a photo next to Simone Sussina. However, days later the Italian commented:

“We’re shooting a movie together, guys. It was just a photo, nothing more. By the way, I’m very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. But we are talking about a normal photo. I am not declaring myself gay. I’m so sorry for the confusion. It wasn’t my intention, but I’m talking about this because there are many young boys and girls who would like to go out and don’t do it for their families, because they don’t accept it. I have met many of these people and happiness is priceless guys. If you feel like it, go out and tell the world. Peace and love. I love you so much”.

For its part, Simone Sussina It’s also Italian. He currently lives in Milan. In recent years he has had a prolific career in the modeling. He is one of the talents agency D’Management Group. Much of his work has been reserved for Dolce & Gabbana. THESE ARE THE CELEBRITIES THAT MANY THOUGHT GAY BUT ARE NOT.

Before joining the adaptations of Blanka Lipinska as Nacho participated in a program with a large audience such as the island of celebrities. He was one of the contestants who finished in the top positions. She was romantically linked to the model Mariana Rodríguez, Ana Moya, Carolina Stramare and Desiree Cordero. He is very passionate about motorcycle and kayak trips.

Simone Susinna 365 days more gay kiss movie actors

This is Simone Susinna. / Photo: Instagram (@susinnasimone)

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