Child excites judges of La Voz Kids Spain singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Child excites judges of La Voz Kids Spain singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston
Child excites judges of La Voz Kids Spain singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

The talent shows that are broadcast in different countries around the world have helped to discover unknown artists, giving them a space with a large audience and allowing them to dazzle in front of thousands of people on their way to gain a foothold in the music industry.

Thanks to these programs there are dozens of artists who today succeed in music, but far from stopping, there are many who are still to be discovered and continue to surprise with their voices in programs like The Voice Kids Spainwhere a 15-year-old boy recently left everyone speechless after singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

The little boy dared to sing in the assaults the complicated song that Whitney Houston performed on the soundtrack to the film The bodyguard which co-starred the singer alongside Kevin Costner.

By the end of their performance, the coaches and their assistants couldn’t believe what they had just heard and their reactions ranged from euphoria to tears to complete amazement, as was the case with Luis Fonsiwho sitting on the ground wondered: “What did I just hear? What is this?”

Paul Lopez Y Anthony Orozco hugged Pol while the singer lola indigo I couldn’t hold back the tears. Evaluate Montanerlike Luis Fonsi, was totally speechless at the interpretation of the little one.

Sebastian Yatra he surrendered to the child’s talent and even during the performance he opened his mouth in astonishment before freaking out by repeatedly pressing the button on his chair. coach.

In his Instagram account he also shared the video of the performance to praise Pol’s voice. “You’re from another planet,” said the interpreter of “Ideal Girl”, who in the same post asked who will win The voice Kidsdropping who is your favorite to take the prize.

The Colombian singer’s post is already viral on Instagram, where the vocal coach even reacted Stevie Mckey (who works with artists like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Fergie or Lenny Kravitz), and who commented: “Oh my God! Sing boy!”, along with the emoticon of a flame of fire and a microphone.

“You are incredible,” Mackey told him again along with a post they shared on Pol’s account, making it clear that he is one more admirer of the Spanish’s voice and talent.

In addition to interpreting “I Will Always Love You”, the little one has dazzled in the program singing songs like “What a feeling”.

The most curious thing about Pol Calvo’s career on the television show is that in the blind auditions he performed the same Whitney Houston song and then only one of the coaches turned around: Pablo López.

Now, Pol is at the end of The voice Kids and regardless of whether he wins or not, there’s no doubt watching him that a star is born!

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