The radical physical change of Luis Miguel after being missing for months

The radical physical change of Luis Miguel after being missing for months
The radical physical change of Luis Miguel after being missing for months

Although he is considered one of the great music stars in Mexico, for some years, Luis Miguel has been inactive, causing it to not be so common to see him, so recently surprised to reappear on the public scene with a radical physical change.

A photo went viral on social media was published by Jamalat Larach, an influencer who was accompanied by a group of friends having dinner at a restaurant and they coincidentally coincided with the singer, who agreed to pose to remember the moment.

What was most striking about the photo was that the face of the ‘Sun of Mexico’ looked noticeably younger, so many fans began to speculate that he underwent some cosmetic treatment to look better. Jamalat shared that the postcard was captured at the Sexy Fish restaurant, located in Miami, Florida, in the United States.

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Photo: Instagram

What did Luis Miguel do to his face?

After the image went viral, some specialists gave their opinions about the treatments and plastic surgeries that the artist possibly underwent. According to information released in one of his TikTok videos, Dr. Carlos Ríos, who is a recognized plastic surgeon of Chinese origin on the social network, He shared that the interpreter’s physical changes could be due to weight loss.

“If we realize, the face, in general, its volume decreased, it has fewer cheekbones and cheeks, there is no double chin anymore, all this can be achieved with weight loss. The body looks very good, but the skin looks very well cared for; there are no wrinkles, which can be treated with botulinum toxin. Plus some fillers to treat the shadow.” explained the doctor.

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“It looks so much better. the double chin no longer exists, but there is a little sagging of the skin, obviously it is being taken care of with equipment, for example, frequency, fractional laser, and in the body, weight loss. So it’s basically skin care and weight loss,” he added.

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