Barbie will launch the first doll with Down syndrome

Barbie will launch the first doll with Down syndrome
Barbie will launch the first doll with Down syndrome

It’s been more than six decades barbie signature, from Mattel, came into the world to revolutionize the toy industry and even fashion. In recent years, Barbie has set out to immerse itself as much as possible in inclusivity and launches almost annually dolls whose physical features that bet on diversity.

As an example, we have the bald Barbie, the Muslim, the one who was in a wheelchair, the one who wore hearing aids or the latest to hit the market: the transgender Barbie inspired by the actress Laverne Cox. But now, the franchise has wanted to surprise its audience with a new down syndrome doll that will be available Limited Time and that promises to come out very soon for sale although Barbie has not yet specified the release date, it is known that it will be throughout 2023.

The images of the first Barbie with Down syndrome in history have already been published by Mattel and it has been observed that the shape of the doll’s face is, as expected, different from the rest trying to simulate the traits of people with extra chromosome. In addition, the new Barbie will use orthopedic ankle braces, which provide support when walking.

The dress colors of the wrist with Down syndrome are not random, since the yellow and blue tones represent trisomy 21 as a symbol of visibility. This Barbie fIt will be part of the brand’s line known as ‘Fashionistas’, that is, those that allow hundreds of ways to design stories, express style and have fun through fashion.

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