“One of the best artists I’ve collaborated with”

“One of the best artists I’ve collaborated with”
“One of the best artists I’ve collaborated with”

sech lived two unforgettable days this last week. The first was when she shared the stage with Bad Bunny and the other when he did it with daddy yankeewho during his stay in Panama as part of his tour The last turn counted on him to surprise all his audience.

It was especially exciting for the Panamanian, who in addition to singing with the interpreter of “La Gasolina” in this show, was able to share some moments with him behind the scenes, a meeting in which words of respect and admiration were dedicated.

This was recorded on social networks, where we found a video in which the Big Boss praises his colleague. “I have told him in person, but I also tell him publicly. You are one of the best artists with whom I have had the opportunity to collaborate,” Daddy Yankee began by saying.

“This man is a talent machine. Of the new school he is one of the most complete. He produces and we have worked together on a lot of rhythms in the studio. Working with the stuffed animal is an experience. May your career continue to rise and continue reaping success”, added the top leader in front of Sech.

The interpreter of “Another drink” shared several photos on his Instagram profile of these two unforgettable days for him. “Saturday and yesterday were two legendary days in my life. Panama, they made me cry over and over again. Benito and Ramón (Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee), thank you for always being such real friends. Thank you for the advice and love. I carry them in my heart”, commented the Panamanian artist.

Throughout the last few years on several occasions Daddy Yankee and Sech have joined in songs. The remix of “Come out and dog”“Trust”, “Forever”, “Definitely” or the remix of “Relación” are some of them.

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