couples, singles and news from the program presented by Sandra Barneda

couples, singles and news from the program presented by Sandra Barneda
couples, singles and news from the program presented by Sandra Barneda

Tenth gala of The island of temptations. Sandra Barneda’s reality show will broadcast its next episode tonight on Telecinco in which we will once again see these five couples in crisis facing temptation. We remind you that We will be in this same post commenting on the gala live.

In earlier chapters…

The couples arrived in the Dominican Republic in the first gala, the first approaches took place in the second and in the third the first bonfire arrived. The fourth gala presented the new couple who expelled one of those who was already competing and the fifth gave rise to the confrontational bonfire.

In the sixth, Mario and Laura reconciled and, in the seventh, Tania was penalized for breaking the rules. Javi also broke the rules by breaking into Villa Playa in the eighth gala and was penalized for it in the ninth.

At today’s gala, Ana will try to leave the contest after seeing Cristian’s images. Several contestants will have a pajama party with their favorite singles (it is not yet clear if they will only sleep), they will read the letters that their partners wrote to them at the beginning of everything and they will summon the first emergency bonfire of reality.

We are waiting for you tonight at 10:00 p.m. to comment on the gala live and see what is happening on Twitter. It can also be seen online through Mitele.

letter to the future

Now they are going to start reading the letters that were written before they separated. At the moment, no one seems happy after reading them. I’m trying not to pay too much attention to the letters because I’ve already caught a glimpse of a misspelled word and my eyes have stung.

To sleep!

The next morning, Javi Mario separates and the former begins to tell the latter how worried he is about Claudia. “The psychologist and the patient” are defined by Valeria.

Cristian and María de los Ángeles also go to sleep together. He is proud that he can control himself at times like this. Pats, pats. It should be forbidden to make the temptation lights go off after a certain time, when people have to sleep.

Claudia thought it was a good idea to give Álvaro anti-wrinkle cream as a remedy for burns. Laura has decided to go to sleep with Adrián, and Tania and Hugo three quarters of the same. Jessica continues to be raffled off and now it’s Samuel’s turn, who huddles with her in a corner.

Tania continues in her thirteen that the Samu thing seems fatal to her, that if she is going to return the rotten alliance, that if “she is making an effort so that it is not too hard for Samuel”… you can see it, you can see it. Paola also remains determined that Andreu has not understood anything. A few so much and others so little.

Ana returns to Murcia

Mario tells Javi about the images of Claudia and tells him that he has entered a hotel room with Álvaro. Sorry? Speaking of mental pirouettes, Cristian is still determined by how much Ana has disappointed him when she has barely talked a little with a single man and he doesn’t have time to jump from one single to another.

Ana arrives at Villa Playa and begins to pack her suitcase. The singles try to convince her and she tells them that she “isn’t going to let anyone laugh in her fucking face.” It would still have been a good idea to change her dress before running away. Sandra goes out to meet her and tells her that she will call an emergency bonfire with Cristian and that if she doesn’t go, they will both leave the island.

The bonfires continue without Ana. Tania is angry with Samuel (and no one quite understands why, since she is not one to lead by example). Now it turns out that it seems wrong to him that Samu flirts with Elena, because she hooks up with Hugo but she “has doubts”. Truly, it’s fascinating the mental pirouettes some do to criticize their boyfriends for doing less than they do.

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