Stephen King once again recommends a movie from what seems to be his favorite action movie actor

In addition to being an inexhaustible source of inspiration and stories for Hollywood, Stephen King is a “star recommender” on platforms like Twitter.

The Maine writer enjoys commenting on the movies and series he’s currently watching, such as manifeston Netflix, or comment on details of the adaptations that have turned one of his books into a movie or television series.

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Stephen King has also taken advantage of the platform on more than one occasion to profess his admiration for some stars like Liam Neeson, an actor who needs no introduction because he has worked on several of the biggest audiovisual franchises.

The race of Liam Neeson it took a radical turn when the actor specialized in action thrillers in the wake of the smash hit of Vengeance. At 70, the Briton continues to star in implausible films where he kicks the butt of a battalion of villains three times younger than him.

Stephen King is late, but he arrives, for one of Liam Neeson’s latest movies

Back with Stephen King, the writer has recommended on Twitter the memory of a murdererone of Liam Neeson’s action and suspense films released this 2022.

However, the author has been aware that his recommendation comes, perhaps, a tad late: The memory of a murderer was released in theaters in April (in Spain in July).

The film, whose review you can read on our website, is the American remake of the Belgian film De zaak alzheimer. A contract killer refuses to carry out an assignment for a criminal organization, which makes him a very tasty target.

Stephen King has had his own premieres this year, like his new bookFairy tale, or the movie NetflixMr. Harrigan’s phone based on one of the stories in the anthology Blood Rules.

Liam Neeson said a few months ago that his time starring in action thrillers is coming to an end, will we see him starring in an adaptation of a Stephen King novel? I’m sure the writer wouldn’t mind.

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