Stone dragon in God of War Ragnarok: location and rewards

While exploring the Nine Realms in God of War: Ragnarok, you may come across a strange statue of a dragon. It is not merely decorative, and here we are going to explain what it is for.

Where to find the dragon statue

The stone dragon, or dragon statue, is found in Svartalfheim, on Dragon Beach. I guess the question is whether it came first the beach or the dragon, but I don’t feel like a chicken-and-egg philosophical debate.

Once on the beach, you must look directly across from the east pier. You may even have missed the statue while investigating the area, because not marked on the map and “it’s not good for anything”, but it’s there.

How to activate the dragon statue

For make something happen, the procedure is the same with the Troll Statues. That is, you need to get the Mystic Relic.

God of War Ragnarok - Drag

You have to equip it and use it in front of the statue. This will cause it to become the perpetualpossibly the toughest dragon in the game.

God of War Ragnarok - Drag

From the start, on land, use the attacks of the rest of the bugswith some red of bocaos and yellows you can deflect. if you’re going to spit fire, be in arc and short distance with bowed head. If you you move away, the neck will shine before throwing fire. As with other dragons, if he manages to fit a spear to the throat you stun him.

When is flying, skimming or launching ice projectiles. Shoot him spears. You won’t hit the ground, but you will avoid the attack. As we say, it is much harder than the rest of supercharged lizards that you face in the game, but it is still an amalgamation of those that you have seen with the same appearance.

If you manage to kill him, you’ll get Jtunheim’s Strength and various materials.

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