Who is Ander Puig from ‘Elite’, one of the rookies of Season 6 who will teach viewers a lot | Film and Television

Who is Ander Puig from ‘Elite’, one of the rookies of Season 6 who will teach viewers a lot | Film and Television
Who is Ander Puig from ‘Elite’, one of the rookies of Season 6 who will teach viewers a lot | Film and Television

New course, new life: a motto that for this 6th season of Elite it’s more real than ever. Las Encinas have been filled with new faces, and in fact, not even those considered veterans have much experience in the series. This time, no character carries from the beginning of the fiction, so it seems that it has entered a new stage.

One of these new faces is Ander Puig, whom you will meet in the episodes as Nico. He is not new to the institute, although he does start a new life: has been able to transition and operate to be who he has always been, Nicolás Alfonso Fernández de Velasco Viveros. His origin does not seem as ostentatious as those marquises from other seasons, but he does have a precious relationship with his family.

He is the first transsexual student we see in the series, something that attracts certain situations that trans people have to live in their day to day. Proof of this are the unfortunate questions that Ari, by way of interrogation, asks him in front of Mencía and Isadora when he meets him for the first time.

Without a doubt, it is a success in Elite, which seems to take a much more social and diverse direction from this 6th season. Anyone who sees this new batch of chapters will discover Nico, a born conqueror who promises to provoke more than one reflection in viewers; but, Who is Ander Puig, the actor behind him?

Ander Puig, activism from the small screen

Ander Puig was born in Barcelona in 2001, and it’s clear that her passion is acting. She debuted in the RTVE series Playz To be or not to be, where he played Joel; a teenager who is going through his transition and also has to deal with typical high school problems. Who was going to tell him that, just a year later, he would enroll in the most famous institute in Spain —with the permission of Zurbarán, of course— representing thousands of boys, girls and children who go through the same situation.

Mainstream fiction has given him the opportunity to give voice to a situation in which, even minimally, he has been a part, although he has much more to offer as an actor. In fact, something that he is very good at is singing and playing the guitar… Perhaps he will start to give some performance on his way through Elite?

Either way, It is clear that this young interpreter is proof that diversity in the audiovisual media is a success. And while waiting to live many more plots in other series or movies, we are left with his passage through the fiction of Carlos Montero Y Dario Madronain which he has already shown that he has perfectly understood its essence.

The Complete 6th Season of Elite is now available on Netflix.

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