The viral photo of Henry Cavill’s giant pecs

The viral photo of Henry Cavill’s giant pecs
The viral photo of Henry Cavill’s giant pecs

We know that Henry Cavill trains hard in the gym, very hard. In fact, when he starred in the Superman movies, he shot his muscles in such a way that he became a fitness reference in Hollywood. But this photo of his giant pecs that has gone viral on social media, unfortunately, is fake. It is impossible that the British actor had such a huge chest! (The 12 tricks of Henry Cavill to gain muscle).

What does not mean that Cavill still has an almost bodybuilder’s body, as he has shown on social networks on occasion and we have seen in several of his movies and the series. thewitcher, Netflix, which is now in its second season… In fact, on occasion we have talked about some of his fitness exercises in the gym and the tricks he has in his diet and eating to gain more muscle mass.

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The best exercises for a chest like Henry Cavill’s

Of course, you have to rock the bench press, both incline, decline and flat bench, dumbbell and barbell. Push-ups, of course, as well as machine work, parallel bar exercises, and hex presses. (Push-ups: how to do them well and benefits for your muscles).

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