The Game of Thrones map – World Order Maps

The Game of Thrones map – World Order Maps
The Game of Thrones map – World Order Maps

“It’s a big, beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don’t want to be like the majority.” That phrase, spoken by the Prince of Dorne Oberyn Martell in the hit series Game of Thronesportrays the ignorance of the inhabitants of the universe created by George RR Martin in the literary saga Song of ice and fire about the map of the world around them. It is, in fact, a nameless cosmos: largely unexplored, the characters refer to it simply as “the known world.”

the map of Game of Thrones and its prequel the house of the dragon It doesn’t even have an official version. Both the books and the series only show cartographies of specific areas, with a medieval style that puts aesthetics before geographical accuracy, and it is impossible to know the complete aspect of their universe. The reason is that the author himself refuses. Instead, Martin prefers that readers and viewers imagine the world he presents in the same way that his characters do.

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But that does not mean that there are no maps that do try to represent the known world in its entirety: based on the official cartographic clippings and the descriptions offered in the books, from the community of fans of Song of ice and fire various recreations and approaches have emerged. And although with slight differences – the information on the size, shape or position of some territories is very limited – the different versions show the vast extension and diversity of the map of Game of Thrones.

Thus, the known world is divided into three continents, plus a fourth — Ulthos — which is completely unknown. Poniente, on the west bank, is the one that concentrates almost all the action. Most of its surface is politically unified under an entity called the Seven Kingdoms, which is ruled from the capital, King’s Landing, and is bounded to the north by The Wall, behind which is a mountainous area inhabited by the People. Free and the Lands of Eternal Winter—under the control of the White Walkers and the Night King.

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Separated from Westeros by the Narrow Sea is Essos, larger but less densely populated. It is the continent from where Daenerys Targaryen begins her reconquest of the Iron Throne. Its western slope is managed by nine Free Cities and the south-central one by the city-states of the Bay of Slaves—which was renamed the Bay of Dragons after the abolition of slavery promulgated by Daenerys—. Meanwhile, the interior of the continent is controlled by tribal warriors known as Dothraki. The eastern coast of Essos, meanwhile, has not been explored, its shape and extent unknown.

To the south of the map, crossing the Summer Sea, is Sothoryos, the most unknown territory and composed mainly of deserts and jungles. Although only its northern coastline is known, the third continent is believed to be an inhospitable place full of plagues and dangerous beasts.

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Regarding its inspiration, the author himself has explained that the world that is recreated in Song of ice and fire It pretends to be totally different and alternative to the real one, but its geography does emulate that of Earth. The map of Westeros, where much of the Game of Thrones, is an enlarged version of the British Isles, which constitute a continent in itself with a size similar to that of South America. The Seven Kingdoms are also inspired by the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, the kingdoms into which Great Britain was divided after the invasion of the Jutes, Angles and Saxons -years 500-850, approximately-, while the north recalls Scotland.

Essos, for its part, vaguely resembles Eurasia: it was once controlled by Valyria, the equivalent of the Roman Empire, but after its fall several centuries ago, the surviving colonies have become free cities that share characteristics with Italy and other cities of Europe. medieval Mediterranean Europe. In the center-east of the continent, the Dothraki drink from the nomadic steppe culture of tribes like the Mongols, while Quarth is a kind of Constantinople or India. Sothoryos, finally, is equivalent to Africa.

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Likewise, the inhabitants of the known world also resemble medieval European civilization, but their universe obeys different logics. The climate, for example, is determined by extremely long and erratic seasons —they usually last several years and it is known that some even lasted a decade—, although it is clear from the books that this was not always the case since the characters mention the years as twelve-month periods.

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