Eduin Caz reappears after surgery, what happened to him?

Eduin Caz reappears after surgery, what happened to him?
Eduin Caz reappears after surgery, what happened to him?

The singer confirmed that due to his recovery, one of the Grupo Firme concerts will be rescheduled

For: Erik Solis

JAN. 13. 2023

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After Eduin Caz entered the operating room a few days ago, the singer reappeared after undergoing surgery to control his sinus problems, he confirmed this through a video he shared on his Instagram account.

The singer drew attention for appearing with bandages on his nose and having a swollen face, a sign of his recovery. On board a vehicle, the vocalist of Grupo Firme opened up to his fans about what happened to him.

“This video gives me a little feeling because it is a bit mandatory, because I have bad news for you. We are going to change the Foro Sol event to March 10, the February 10 event is changed to March 10, it is not that I want to, but that I am taking a little longer in my recovery, ”he said.

After being hermetic about the surgery that was recently performed, the interpreter finally broke the silence to tell what happened to him.

“I had something complicated, my chronic sinusitis was already very damaged, so my recovery is taking a little longer, the recovery is taking longer, so I still need another operation, which is my hernia and the truth is that I want to give them a good show, I want them to leave with a good taste in their mouths”, he explained.

Edwin Caz

He expressed that he hopes his fans understand this delay, which is why he promises great guests for his next presentation at the Foro Sol, which is located in Mexico City.

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