Princess Leonor cries for Gavi after ignoring her with his new girlfriend

Despite all the furor caused by rumors of romance between the princess eleanor and the footballer Gavi, the present to which the daughter of the King Felipe VI from Spain it is completely different. His admiration for the young athlete could only be that, “admiration”, since the 18-year-old has been seen with his new partner and enjoying Christmas in Grenade.

The Spanish media made the rumors viral and even stated that the princess eleanor I would be dating the footballer of the Spanish team Gavi. However, this was never verified, but the true courtship that Gavi would have with another girl was.

nor because the King Felipe VI asked Gavi for an autographed shirt for his daughter, nor for all the changes in her look princess of asturias has done to capture the attention of the footballer. None of this has stopped Gavi from having an affair with a girl other than her.

Even when the Spanish soccer team came to Spain after being removed from Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022, the press tried to ask Gavi about his relationship with Eleanor. However, the young man ignored the question and proceeded only to laugh at the paparazzi.

Apart from this, some photos with his possible girlfriend were recently released, which would make the 17-year-old princess sad, who saw how the entire public eye was aware of her possible romance with Gavi.

All these things would not be of very good spirits to the Princess Eleanor, who sees as that boy she admired, completely ignores all kinds of rumors or rapprochement with her.

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