They investigate alleged scam of 50 million euros from a logistics company

They investigate alleged scam of 50 million euros from a logistics company
They investigate alleged scam of 50 million euros from a logistics company

©Reuters. They investigate alleged scam of 50 million euros of logistics company

Madrid, Sep 8 (.).- The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has initiated proceedings to investigate the alleged fraud committed by the logistics company Transecort, as a result of the complaints filed by dozens of companies that claim goods worth more than 50 million euros.

This is the first massive fraud allegedly committed in Europe on this scale, since the affected companies are based in some thirty countries and belong to various sectors, mainly electronics and IT.

In all cases, the companies sent the merchandise to the warehouse that Transecort has in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), which was subsequently distributed to the buyers.

One of the affected companies, which has been working with Transecort since 2018, maintains in its complaint that in recent weeks it sent goods worth more than 5 million euros, which were never delivered.

After unsuccessfully trying to contact the company’s managers by email, they went to Madrid to check where the products were, but they were unable to access the warehouse.

According to the complaint filed with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court to which Efe has had access, the Mercantile Registry shows that the administrator of the company since 2016 ceased in her position in May, and the joint and several administrator in August, “coinciding the change of administrator with the moment in which they retain the merchandise, close the company and disappear”.

On August 30 and in subsequent days, they asked Transecort for information about the goods, but the company told them that a computer virus prevented them from working normally.

On September 2, they went to Madrid to go personally to the ship and proceed to remove the merchandise, but it was closed and without workers, and instead there were “several managers of other affected companies from various countries of the European Union”, continues the complaint.

The complainants, several of whom are represented by the Vox Legis law firm, have provided the Prosecutor’s Office with the inventories of the products delivered to Transecort and the corresponding contracts, as well as lists of invoices, confirmation of receipt of the merchandise in the warehouse and copies of emails.

On its website, which is still active, Transecort highlights that “after more than 12 years it is a leading company in the sector of transporting electronic products and high technologies, as well as its proximity to the Madrid-Adolfo Suárez Airport.

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