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The authors of the book on which it is based “Kinn Porsche” they are once again singled out for harassing the cast. Just days before the Thai-drama world tour kicks off on July 19 (THA), the behavior of writers Yok and Poi, known as Daemi, resurfaced on Twitter and sparked a campaign by fans. They ask for a statement from the Be on Cloud company regarding the case, as well as greater protection for the most acclaimed BL lakorn artists of the season.

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What happened between Daemi and the “KinnPorsche” actors?

The questions to Daemi for conduct towards the cast date back a long time, but they jumped to the trends of July 19 after the resurgence of a video call from two years ago in which they appear alongside Barcode and Jeff Satur.

Said clip shows Poi commenting on Porschay’s interpreter. At one point, he asks her to share the rules he taught her for being a “best actor.” The minor, who will turn 18 on August 4, responds with a nervous laugh: “I need to give P’Poi a massage.”

Although the writers burst out laughing and the actors also smile, the singer of “Why don’t you stay?” clarifies: “This is the wrong way to use copyright. Don’t learn that (to Barcode). Everyone may think that it is a joke, but this is a fact that happened in the recordings. They used the entire cast for the massages”, according to a translation on Twitter. Later on, Poi continues to address the issue of massages and barcodewhile Yok celebrates his words with laughter.

Barcode and Jeff Satur in a video call. Photo: Twitter

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Other accusations against Daemi

The aforementioned clip sparked outrage among fans, who saw in the actions of Poi and Yok an abuse of their power as authors of the written work and an offense towards the minor.

In addition, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for other past acts described as harassment by fans to come to light. The actions include affectations against Mile, Apo and Bible, respective interpreters of Kinn, Porsche and Vegas in the BL series.

Poi with Apo. The writer pulled the actor by the arm while he asked her to let go. Photo: capture Twitter

Kinn actor Mile on his relationship with Daemi. Photo: TikTok capture

Bible next to Yok. Photo: Twitter

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More Topics Questioned by “KinnPorsche” Fans

Fans rallied on Twitter asking Be on Cloud for a series of clarifications. In addition to requesting that they address Daemi’s conduct, they required to know about the authors’ involvement in BoC’s social media management and merchandise release.

The lack of content from the leads Mile and Apo and posts that might not have been authorized by the actors were also on the agenda.

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What does Be on Cloud say?

Although to date the firm in charge of the first season of “KinnPorsche” did not respond to the call of the fans, an executive of the same addressed some controversial points.

The spokesman specified the rights of the creators as authors of the book and clarified that both left the ranks of BoC in May.

Regarding the lack of publications of the protagonists Mile and Apo, he assured that it is due to problems in the schedules. All content filmed after the month mentioned above was recorded and broadcast with the knowledge of the artists, it highlights.

Below, you can read the executive’s full statement, as translated into Spanish by BibleBuild Latin America (English by Xiaobabiiwawa).

Be on Cloud executive statement. Photo: Twitter/@BibleBuildLatam

“KinnPorsche” days away from world tour

Shortly before the case broke, the “KinnPorsche” stars took a break from social media to finalize details of the world tour. They kick off their long-awaited Thailand tour with two consecutive dates. The second, to be held on July 25, will reach the entire globe through paid live streaming.

Cast of “KinnPorsche” in event for the end of the series. Photo: Be on Cloud

Relive the reaction of the actors at the end of “KinnPorsche”

Most of the cast gathered at a movie theater with fans to watch the live premiere of “KinnPorsche.” Their reactions were broadcast in real time and here you can see everything that this day left in which there were no shortage of tears of emotion and heartfelt words of farewell from the actors.

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