Preschool art teacher criticized for being ‘too sexy’

A New Jersey art teacher made headlines after parents sought her dismissal as her voluptuous body “distracts their children” only the little ones are preschoolers. The teacher, who has a curvaceous figure, has been attacked for her way of dressing, even considered as “inappropriate” to teach.

The Art Teacher, as she is known on the internet, is a plastic artist who teaches preschool children their first steps in art. She has recently become the target of criticism for her body, as parents say it is a distraction factor for infants. The teacher has defended herself by saying that she never wears provocative clothing in her classes or that she could be considered inappropriate.

‘You’re a bloody distraction to the kids’; ‘You are an art teacher who only shows her butt to the children’; ‘This is ridiculous, everyone knows that no one takes their art or their classes seriously’; ‘The mothers of your students do not let their husbands go to your meetings.’

—Comments on social networks

The woman is not only dedicated to teaching, but is also a influencer who has grown on her social networks, where she takes the opportunity to share part of her works, as well as photos where she poses with different outfits. Currently, his Instagram (@toyboxdollz) has more than 640,000 followers. In the same way, he has a YouTube channel and a TikTok account, although in the latter, the content is not very recurrent.

In some of the photos on his Instagram, he can be seen in his classroom or teaching his students. Her “teacher outfit” consists mostly of jeansskirts, leggingsamong others, which adapt to the shape of her body, distinguished by large buttocks, firm legs, a “wasp” waist, as well as large breasts.

According to CND, the parents will file a formal claim with the school for the teacher to be removed from her position, as they are concerned that her body is a bad example for the children. It is unknown if the school authorities have taken a position on the matter or if they are on the side of the teacher.

teacher teaching

My art. The work that has gotten me on my path as a teacher and put me in the lives of so AMAZING students. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, art has become my shield against all negativity. In a world full of so much ignorance, choose to succeed by emphasizing what makes you great.

—The Art Teacher, on Instagram

In social networks, his own followers are the ones who are also divided. While some do not agree that a teacher looks “like this”, there are those who defend her saying that it is the children who should learn respect for all types of bodies. “What horror to discriminate for being beautiful and having a desirable body”, mentioned one of her followers.

teacher teaching

However, the teacher has maintained a firm position on her teaching work, since she enjoys her work in the classroom, either with her preschool students or in classes she has taught for adults, always explaining the importance of education and role of teachers in this task.

I know I always look angry or deadly serious when I’m in the classroom. It’s none, I’m focused! The thing is, I only know of a few jobs that are as important as molding the next generation of minds! It always amazes me how much these kids are learning.

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